No-share ranked

Why can't we have no-share ranked 2v2 and 4v4? Does it make the full-share lobby's eyes hurt? Is it hard on the servers? It's just 2 more buttons on the ranked interface.

They were available for several months some time ago. For every one no-share game, there were several thousand games full share games played. No one bothered with no-share in queue, so it was removed.

the queues were beyond dead so they got removed for this very reason

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:

@magge But does it hurt to have that button? It's a check box. What if we had a lot more? For like Nomads, DualGap and other game types.

I mean I wouldn't mind the game finding matches for me instead of manually navigating the lobby list. Dota 2 style.

You underestimate how dead that queue was. After a while it was literally impossible to get any no share games. At that point it just clutters the ui. You can search for replays by rating type to compare how active both 4v4 queues were.

@melanol said in No-share ranked:

@magge But does it hurt to have that button?


Having 60,000 buttons to press when only 4 actually work with maybe 2 others working for a 2 hour period per day or per week should not be something that needs to be explained as poor design.

Having 1 button that is totally dead and serves no purpose (literally like 1 game a week) is also poor design.