The screen freezes completely

Hello. I have a problem tonight on 11/19/2022 at about 04:00 Moscow time in the morning – I can't create a lobby. The lobby creation button is inactive, nothing happens after clicking. Also, the mod manager is not responding.


The game can still be run through the path:
I attach the installed active mods when playing with AI:


However, during the game, the screen freezes, usually this happens after upgrading the T1 plant (air or ground) to the T2 level using a hotkey.

Deleted the "client.prefs" file and deleted the FAF client, but without deleting the settings. It helped, I created a lobby, but now the screen freezes constantly. It does not happen immediately, after 6-8 minutes.
I really don't want to reinstall FAF completely and configure everything all over again. I literally have the whole keyboard crammed with binds up to Nompud

Last 2 logs:



Did you try running game without mods running? I see errors due to some mod probably, try turning them one by one to see which one causes a problem.

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@anthony_zz said in The screen freezes completely:

I can't create a lobby.

Try to run the game once via Steam. The "can't create lobby" situation is quite often reported on Discord in the last days. I am not sure if it is related to the last patch or just a coincidence.

About the crash - There are at least 24 duplicate hotkey bindings as errors in the log. I am not 100% sure it is related to the crash issue, but I would first clean up those errors to be on the safe side.

Just search the log: warning: Hotbuild key

When you have got that out of the way, you have a ton of mods active. I would assume they conflict to each other. You need to enable each mod one by one and test which one or which combination of mods leads to those crashes.

@magge yeah i did see those errors with Hotbuild keys, but i really dont want to delete some mods. And i have one serious question - is it possible to save a preset control settings? I want to try to delete everything completely.

@fft i'll try play without them against AI. And i asked it second guy, but do you know if its possible to save all control presets? I wanna try to delete everything (client + game).
I extremely dont want to say "bye" some of UI mods, it's easier to me to tell which keys are free.

You can backup the preference file by copying it to another location, it contains your entire setup. After reinstalling, you re-instate the prefs file where it is found usually.



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@magge this is definitely a broken patch, how many players should suffer =( are you going to fix this bug ?

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