FAF Beta Current Changelog


This post is a summary of the current status of FAF Beta. It will be updated at key turning points with new PRs being merged to reflect the state of beta at any point in time.


Asylum (Aeon T2 mobile shield)

  • EnergyMaintenanceCost: 45 > 55

Aeon t2 land has become arguably the best with a combination of powerful tanks, cheap shields, and the strongest ACU. This minor nerf aims at reducing the strength a little bit.

Titan and Loyalist

  • BuildTime: 2160 > 2400

The Titan and Loyalist build-time buffs from patch 3725 are reverted to make it harder to snowball out of control with a T3 land rush.

Sniper bots
Sniper bots get an overall nerf to make it harder to snowball out of control. With the energy cost nerf specifically we aim at delaying the first few snipers from hitting the field immediately after a player gets T3 Land.


  • Mass Cost: 880 > 960
  • Energy Cost: 9700 > 15.360
  • BuildTime: 4500 > 5400

The snipe mode icon is changed to make the difference between the snipe mode and normal mode easier to see.

Sprite Striker

  • Mass Cost: 800 > 880
  • Energy Cost: 8900 > 14.080
  • BuildTime: 4500 > 4950

Air Experimentals

Air experimentals were always extremely cheap in energy cost compared to t3 air. This led to the ability to build air t4’s without any power setup like is required for t3 air and thus became a relatively cheesy way to win games. With this change, the e cost is more streamlined with t3 air.


  • Energy Cost: 780.000 > 1.920.000
  • DamageRadius: 20 > 19

In addition to the energy cost nerf the ahwassa gets a small nerf to its AoE considering its dominance compared to the other air T4s.


  • Energy Cost: 731.250 > 1.530.000


  • Energy Cost: 480.000 > 952.000

Valiant (UEF Destroyer)

  • HP: 7200 > 8000

The valiant has always been one of the weakest destroyers. With this change, we hope to give it more of a tank role that fights at a short range.

T3 UEF Air

Added jamming for Spy Planes and Strategic Bombers allowing for more counter-intel capabilities. The scouts will have their jamming on by default and for free while the Strats will have theirs off by default and it will cost 25e/s to run (same as the T3 gunship). These changes should allow UEF air players to trick their opponents by including Air scouts in their mix and artificially inflating the size of their ASF cloud. It will also make the Air scouts harder to shoot down by static AA/ASF and buff unscouted strat runs.


  • TurretYawRange: 140 > 145

The TurretYawRange of salems is again slightly increased to improve the handling and micro potential.

Sparky (UEF T2 Field Engineer)

  • Allow Sparkies to build intelligence structures(radars, sonars, stealth generators)
  • Allow Sparkies to build T1 factories

This small buff should make Sparkies easier and nicer to use by not requiring players to find the nearest T1 engineer on the frontline to construct a radar or a factory. We hope that these changes will encourage more aggressive usage of the Sparky on the frontlines and in drops.


  • Mass Cost: 1050 (550) > 840 (440)

The cost in the parenthesis is that of an unupgraded kennel. The one outside is the total cost of the upgraded kennel (The upgrade cost is total - unupgraded)

Kennel Drone:

  • HP: 6 > 50
  • Mass Cost: 250 > 100
  • BuildTime: 750 > 500
  • Elevation 2 > 3

This buff to the kennels is meant to bring them more in line with the Hives. It will be less punishing to lose the drones as they will rebuild faster and at a much lower cost. The elevation increase should make the drones less prone to random AoE attacks landing on the base.


Nukes are extremely strong and can be very oppressive, especially in team games. The small mass cost increase makes it slightly slower to rush it while the bigger energy cost increase makes it a lot harder to make a fast second nuke.

Nuke Silos

  • Mass Cost: 15.000 > 18.000
  • Energy Cost: 210.000 > 450.000

Nuke Subs

Aeon, UEF

  • Mass Cost: 9000 > 10.000
  • Energy Cost: 80.000 > 160.000


  • Mass Cost: 10.000 > 11.000
  • Energy Cost: 80.000 > 160.000


All ACUs and SACUs that can make tac missiles will start construction by default instead of having to manually enable it.

Loyalists will no longer redirect Billy Nukes


Fixed the icon of the Heavy Shield upgrade for Aeon ACU

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Updated the changelog with the following new changes:

Jamming for T3 UEF Air
Redirection of Billy Nuke by Loyalists
More Sparky buffs
Fix for Aeon ACU Heavy Shield Icon