Optic Jamming

I had a though today about the different ways intel and counter intel is utilized in Supreme Commander. How radar and optical range is treated as separate in FAF is one my favorite features.

Stealth hides entities from radar and jamming creates false radar signatures. Cloak hides entities from optical sensors but there is no equivalent to jamming in this case. What if there was a unit and/or building that jammed enemy optical sensors.

One interpretation would be that units don't get line of sight around optical jamming even if they are in range. This way even if one army was in range of another, all it would see are the grey radar blips as if line of sight was blocked. I think it would add an interesting cat and mouse dynamic where you are fighting but do not know what your fighting. Does the army have AA? Arty? is it T1, T2 or T3? I think it can be quite fun.

Another option might be if optical jamming created false optical signatures that needed radar to dispel? Like jamming is for radar except you actually see illusions of various units. From the perspective of your units there are other units that their shells just pass through. I believe this option has been discussed on the forums before so I haven't given it much thought.

I do not believe either of these options can be reasonably balanced in any way but thought it was a fun idea to throw around. I would like to hear the thoughts other players have on the subject.

Are both even possible in the engine?

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

It is indirectly possible. We have a feature in LOUD that creates an 'optical disruption' field - and units that are in range of it suffer vision penalties, as well as other intel (radar, and OMNI) - it's figuratively the 'OMNI' version of stealth.

Are the tools for Supcom/FAF so hard to use? With all of these neat unused features, I'm surprised that there is only 1 fan-made faction.