Uploaded map not showing in vault

A couple months ago I uploaded a new map named "DualGap Carnage", which is a 16 player version of DualGap Adaptive v12. My first upload attempt seemingly resulted in a server-side error because no map preview was available in the lobby, but a 2nd upload attempt resolved that. The problem is now that the map does not show up in the vault search results at all... I can host games, but I'm not sure how anybody can find my map on their own using the vault. Something is wrong. Please fix my map so that it shows in the vault. Thanks!

When you modify an existing map, you need the allowance of the creator to make it public as far as I know.

@magge I've tried contacting the original map author, Gantelka, to find out if they hid my version of the map and I'm getting no response so far. Am I supposed to just abandon my map on the guess that the original creator has hidden it? Is this not intellectual property gone wild? Help please.

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The original author can't hide your map, but the map team can and probably did.

How about you create a map inspired by dual gal instead of copying it, then there is no issue

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@brutus5000 I guess to me it is a map inspired by dual gap. There was no 16 player version of the newer, best one (DualGap Adaptive v12) so I provided it. A couple years ago, I also uploaded a 16 player version of an older dual gap map and it has thousands of plays and remains in the vault. Some people want to play the unique, 16 player versions that I've uploaded.