Unit Cost Payback Achieved Icon

I hear casters say things like "that unit paid for itself" or "that was probably not cost effective". I often wonder that myself about certain unit investments.

It could be nice to add an icon below the units killed skull that appears when the cost of units killed exceeds the cost to build the unit. A progress bar like veterancy would be another option.


The thing is that even if unit killed more mass than it costs, it still might be mass donation. Also iirc first level of veterancy is applied when unit kills mass equals to its cost? So we already have it.

Skill issue

There is already a bar that shows how much mass a unit has killed if you play on FAF.

And if you use the "Unit Selection Cost UI" mod it will show the price of the selected unit, so you can easily compare the mass price of the unit to the mass killed.

Whether a unit pays for itself though is a much more complicated question, including:

-Who gets the reclaim when the unit ultimately dies?
-how long ago did you pay for it? If you built a unit 10 minutes ago, it was idle for 10 minutes, and then it gets 3 kills for 300% mass return on investment, that didn't really pay for itself.
-energy cost, which matters especially for air units
-what else could it have been? An ilshavoh with 200% payback on value vs. cost is nice, but if it could have been a mobile flak with 500% payback on value vs. cost, then maybe it wasn't the ideal choice
-did the unit help you to secure a reclaim field? Then it might pay for itself 10x over even if it doesn't have much mass killed

So it's not worth adding a new indicator