Bot's can't complete any building

Bot (Uveso\Sorian) in beginning try to build the base but never end single building, even after 20 minutes of round
replay url =

bug appear yesterday, before that game works fine

Hi Ahineys,
Are you actually using FAF? Discussions on that forum indicate no.

If you are using FAF then you can paste the replay url directly from the client to make life easier for us to troubleshoot.


the link on the first post leads me to an 13 year old SupCom post.

That would be impressive if it was(I did double check the url as I thought maybe the same :D).

He just posted the wrong URL

Per the replay vault, someone with his username is playing FAF games against the AI

Bots aren't doing THAT yet to trick us into reading their posts. Maybe it's only a matter of time.

Cool I'll take a squizz tonight and see if I can find the problem replays from his username, the pessimist in me is saying its mods though Uveso's AI is pretty good with them.

oh, wrong link, my fault

i didn't test SCFA basic bots, playing always with Sorian from faf, Uveso installed just for to be sure what problem not in Sorian bots

this is local replay, i dunno how to make it public, if needed


well i viewed the replay but got desyncs.
I was not able to download all mods that are activated in the replay

could you please first disable all your mods and test again ?

"Wyvern Unit Battle Pack"
"T2 T3 Storage FAF Rebalanced"
"Shields v3.6"
"Resources x1.5"
"EXMEX Rebalanced"
"Reclaim Turret"
"BrewLAN: Additional units"
"Anti Nuke price v3.1"
"No Build Restrictions in Campaign"
"T4 Energy Generators"
"BlackOps FAF: EXUnits"
"10% Particles"
"2x Resources,Storage,BuildRate,BuildRange(RAS)"
"BlackOps FAF: Unleashed"
"T3 Land + Water Engineering Stations v7.1"
"BlackOps FAF: ACUs"
"Total Mayhem"
"BrewLAN: Gameplays"
"All Faction Quantum Gate"