Map Maker 1.8.8 not working

Map Maker 1.8.8 quit working for myself and friends any suggestions

What application is that? Do you have a link to where you got it from?

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Pretty sure it’s the map generator

What settings are you running with?

I just downloaded FAF, so what ever the standard setting are. It was working and then quit working. Same with my friends none of us can generate a map

I would check your antivirus isn't blocking it

@nthunter32 said in Map Maker 1.8.8 not working:

none of us can generate a map

If you try watching a replay from the replay vault of someone's else mapgen game, is your computer able to generate the map in order to show the replay?

How are you trying to generate the map? Did you enter a seed? Are you using the check boxes? Did you experiment with the command line?

If you put something into the command line, you can't generate maps the "normal" way unless you open up the command line again and clear whatever is on it.