FAF crashes after 10-30 min


Nice to meet you!

Config: Win 10 pro, i7-9700F, RAM 32gb, RTX 2060 Super.

I have crash game after 10-30 minute (twice in a row). I don't know how to read the logs but I find only errors with icons, and not sure it's really important mode.

Help me pls with this. Thx


There seems to be an issue with your icon mod.
eg: "info: Strat Icon Mod Error: updated strat icon required for: \000eternalstrategicicons/icon_factory1_land"

perhaps delete and reinstall it ("updated strat icon required")

beside that, the log shows occasional XACT messages -> try to set your audio to stereo and deactivate all sound enhancements

like Amygdala already said; Looks like a sound problem that causes the crash:

warning: SND: XACT3DApply failed.
         Invalid arg



@amygdala @Uveso many thanks!

Seems that reinstalling of FAF and SCFA helped.

@amygdala my mods never breaks anyone game