Reworked Strategic Icons

Due to popular demand there are now two more versions with different icon sizes uploaded to the vault. One is Reworked Strategic Icons 100 Percent and the other one is Reworked Strategic Icons 200 Percent. Here are overviews of the containing icons:
100percent Overview.png 200percent Overview.png

Hi, where is the download link. THANKS

My "strategy advanced icons" have disappeared. I uninstalled and reinstalled, but it didn't work.

You are posting in the wrong thread. What you are looking for is here:

thanks you, I've found. Didn't read the description until the end.

Hi. When using a mod with a size 125% of the original, the icons of unknown units on the radar remain small. Is it possible to scale them too?

I am not sure why this is the case

I would hope unknown units are their own icon (that was untouched as an icon by the mod) since if they were related you could change unit icon sizes to get free intel from unknown signatures.

@ftxcommando Or have a custom icon pack where you have custom icons for the various undiscovered units.

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Newest map: luminary.png

Looks like unscouted units have their own icon.
The ASI mod scaled their size along with the regular icons when it worked.
Yeah, it would be really fun to have a separate icon pack for all unknown units. It would have definitely turned the game around)))