2022 Fall Invitational

Hello and welcome to the 2022 Fall Invitational Tournament! The annual Fall Invitational is a top level 1v1 tournament featuring a series of invited players and an open qualifier to find the top 16 players on FAF. For those who are not familiar, there will be series of invites sent out to previous tournament winners, and an open qualifier on October 8th to fill the remainder of the slots. This is followed by a group stage on October 15th where the top 8 players will advance to a single elimination playoff bracket on October 22nd-23rd whose winners will receive prizes and glory!

After the success of the 1st King of Leagues, a 2nd companion tournament will run concurrently with the Qualifier for Silver, Gold, and Diamond ladder players!

All tournaments will be casted on twitch.tv/faflive starting at 14:00 UTC.

What’s changed?
Mapgen maps will no longer be vetoable except when vetoing down to the last map during the group stage and playoffs. This is to enable better map pools that do not rely on the pool being flooded with mapgens to prevent them from being vetoed.

Would you like to contribute to the prize pool?
You can donate via Paypal to support this tournament and receive a fancy avatar!

Prize pool:
$530 total
• 1st: $200, Fall Invitational Champion Avatar, 8 invitational points
• 2nd: $105, Faction Face Avatar, 6 invitational points
• 3rd: $75, Faction Icon Avatar, 4 invitational points
• 4th: $50, 2 invitational points
• 5th-8th: $25, 1 invitational point

Note: residents of countries under sanction by the US, EU, or Germany may be ineligible to receive cash prizes.

Final Results:
1st- Tagada
2nd- Nexus
3rd- Yudi
4th- Banani
5-8th- ZLO
5-8th- Grimplex
5-8th- archsimkat
5-8th- Blodir

Donated by:
$300 - FAF
$150 - Swkoll
$60 - Skrat
$20 - Archsimkat

The schedule:
October 7, 2022 - Deadline to accept invites
October 8, 2022 - Invitational Qualifier and Kings of the Leagues
October 15, 2022 - Group Stage
October 22-23, 2022 - Playoffs

All events will start at 14:00 UTC.

The qualifier:
This is an semi-open qualifier, players who have not received invites and are in Masters, Grandmasters, or have 1800+ ladder rating are welcome to participate. It will be a double elimination tournament with BO1s and BO3s in the winner's bracket and BO1s in the loser's bracket. Maps will be selected by myself from a pool for each round. Players will be seeded by ladder rating at the time of signup.

The group stage:
This will consist of 4 groups of 4 players playing a round robin style tournament with the top 2 of each group advancing. Games will be BO3s. Groups will be chosen by a captains system. The players with the top 4 highest invitational points will act as captains taking turns picking the remaining 3 players in their groups. The player with the most points will get Group A and first pick. Group B captain will pick second with following picks made using a snake system.

Maps will be chosen by players from a pool of 11 using a veto/pick system with 2 vetoes each, players will make alternating vetoes and picks with loser seed vetoing first and higher seed picking first. For the last pick players will resume vetoing from the remaining maps until only one map remains with lower seed vetoing first. Faction veto will also be used.

The playoffs:
This is a single elimination tournament with all BO5 matches expect for the championship match which will be BO7. Maps are chosen by players in a pick/veto system from a pool of 15 with 3 vetoes each, players will make alternating vetoes and picks. Players advancing from the group stage can submit one map to the finals bracket map pool (subject to Tournament Director veto). For the last pick players will resume vetoing from the remaining maps until only one map remains with lower seed vetoing first. Faction veto will also be used. There first two rounds of the Playoffs will be played on Saturday and the 3rd place and championship match will be played on Sunday. The 3rd place match will start at 14:00 UTC and the championship match will follow it.

Invitational points:
Invitational points have been updated with results of major tournaments since the 2022 Summer Invitational, all players have lost 25% (rounded up) of their points for decay, and then 8 points were given for 1st place in the Summer Invitational, 6 for 2nd, 4 for 3rd, 2 for 4th, and 1 for 5th-8th. 1 point was also given to the winner of the Summer Heat Wave tournament. This produced the following list of 16 invites:

22- Tagada
15- Nexus
11- TURBO2
10- Petric
8- Yudi
6- Espi
5- ZLO
4- Grimplex
3- Tex
3- Paralon
2- Blackheart
2- Adjux
1- Silentnoob
1- Archsimkat
1- Blastchilled
1- Turin

Accepted invites:

  • Tagada
  • Nexus
  • TURBO2
  • Yudi
  • Espi
  • ZLO
  • Grimplex
  • Tex
  • Turin
  • BlastChilled
  • Archsimkat

Thanks to a generous $60 donation from Skrat, the prize pool has risen to $530!

Welcome to the Playoffs for the 2022 Fall Invitational where the top 8 players will compete for their share of the $530 prize pool!

Once again, I'll be giving out the Clairvoyant avatar to whomever can correctly predict the entire bracket on challonge! Go here and fill out the bracket for your chance to win.


Date: October 23rd (RO8 and Semis) and October 24th (Bronze Match and Finals)
Start Time: 14:00 UTC
Chat: /join #fall
Challonge: https://challonge.com/fhzzdftr
Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/faflive
Tournament Directors: Swkoll, NoOneCares

Games are BO5, except finals which are BO7. 3 map vetoes each, faction veto will be used. Semifinal games should wait for casters before beginning.

Map Pool:


7.5x7.5 Mapgen - Tournament - 2 Spawns
The Ganges Chasma
Williamson's Bridge


8 - Badlands_v2
10x10 Mapgen - Tournament - 2 Spawns
13.75x13.75 Mapgen - Tournament - 2 Spawns
Adaptive Alpine Valley


18.75x18.75 Mapgen - Tournament - 2 Spawns
20x20 Mapgen - Tournament - 16 Spawns
Bermuda Locket - FAF version
The Ditch - FAF version

Should have included more 5x5.

Should have excluded more 5x5.

Per the above, there are clearly exactly the correct number of 5x5s.

Congratulations to Tagada for winning 1st place in the 2022 Fall Invitational, winning the finals over Nexus 4-1!

Final Results:
1st- Tagada
2nd- Nexus
3rd- Yudi
4th- Banani
5-8th- ZLO
5-8th- Grimplex
5-8th- archsimkat
5-8th- Blodir

Thanks to archsimkat and Skrat for donating to the prize pool! Thanks to grimplex, NoOneCares, and Bullydozer for Tournament Directing this event and thanks to archsimkat, spikeynoob, and NoOneCares, for casting on FAFlive.

1st and 2nd place should contact Brutus for their prize money. 3rd-8th place should contact me (Swkoll) for their prize money.