Enlightment needed on some details

Could somebody make the text in the picture below a little more clear ?

I don't get it.jpg

so many "are"... sound like "arrr arrr" 👹 😨


Do you have context? (like source or something)
I also can't make out what that text is trying to tell us 😅

Looks like some old ass explanation of engy mod.

ah yes from the FAF wiki 😆
It's trying to tell you that in vanilla FA it was stupid to make more than 1 T2/3 engineer or T2/3 Factory as the buildpower/mass you get from T1 engineers is a lot more than you get from higher tech engineers/factories.
This was changed in the engy mod (and thus in FAF) by making T2/e engies more efficient (bp wise) and allowing for support factories which are also more efficient than vanilla factories as they cost less mass (but have the same buildpower)

@nex said in Enlightment needed on some details:

ah yes from the FAF wiki

This is it...

Thanks for the enlightments.

@nex said in Enlightment needed on some details.:

by making T2/e engies

EDIT: I guess you wanted to type "3" (it's above "e")

Another question :
Does this work with AZERTY keyboards ?
QWERTY shortcuts

You can re-bind the keys to your liking. You do it while the game is running. It is in the options menu. You can just make a new game with no enemies and then open the options and change key binds to whatever you want.

Thanks 😉