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Making a separate post this time.

I'm not sure if it's been talked about before as I couldn't find any other posts mentioning this, but if there is, feel free to share it with me.

Suggestion (Detailed Version):

With the latest update made to engineers,
-We can now see how much mass & energy each individual unit has reclaimed-
It made me wonder if a vetting system could be implemented for T1, T2, & T3 engineers.

If you are unfamiliar with what I am talking about:

Image shows new reclaim values for engineers.

As you can see, this specific engineer has reclaimed 144 mass and 1442 energy.

A T1 engineer costs 52 mass and has anywhere from 120 HP (Aeon) to 150 HP (UEF).
Each vet would increase the HP pool of the unit by 10%, meaning a maximum of 150% can be obtained at Vet 5. So, for example, a UEF engineer would act like so:

Base: 150 HP
1 vet: 165 HP
2 vet: 180 HP
3 vet: 195 HP
4 vet: 210 HP
5 vet: 225 HP

How it would affect gameplay:

So, an issue here may be that they will vet too quickly if they reclaim their cost's worth (52 mass). To remedy this, I would suggest that they only vet when they reclaim about three to five times their standard costs PER vet. This way, very early raids against expanding engineers aren't less effective due to a vetting engineer with 50% more HP.

Most things would take care of them with a shot or two - even at full vet. It's a small system but it was just an idea to give T1 engies a tad more longevity, versatility, and utility.

Yes, it would also make them a little more complex but since they themselves cannot directly engage in combat, at least this way, they would still have the vet option available to them.

Obviously, there are also T2 and T3 engies too but, with their mass costs and a floor limit of 3, 4, or 5x on the vet cost, they would be less likely to obtain a vet but, nonetheless, it would still be there.

SPARKY (UEF T2 Land Combat Engineer)

This change would also directly affect the Sparky, too. It would benefit even more so from this change as it already vets from combat (Though rare due to its low DPS). Having a 2nd system on what it vets off of would be a perfect buff for it as well, as the unit already doesn't see much use. (There are already a few discussions about this unit and its problems so, I won't dive into them, here.)

Suggestion: (TL;DR)

An idea of offering the vet system to T1 - 3 engineers.

Proposed Implementation:

Add the vet system to T1, T2 & T3 engineers based on how much mass they reclaim, however, with a vet cost of 3-5x their base cost per vet level.

Again, just an idea. Would be happy to hear some feedback.

~ Stryker

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Similar suggestion as done by @archsimkat , as described here:

I'm fine with the status quo and with introducing this. It is really up to the balance team

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Your reward for microing engies optimally is winning the game through macro. How is vet going to make me care about my engies more than I already do?

@ftxcommando said in Vetting Engineers:

Your reward for microing engies optimally is winning the game through macro. How is vet going to make me care about my engies more than I already do?

Why do T1 scouts have the option of vet made to them? Why do T1 units in general have vet? Not likely they will obtain them and if they do, it's not too meaningful to these units.

This is just a suggestion to add more detail to the game, that is all.
No, it probably won't make a difference in players and how they see the engies, but zooming in once in a while, seeing how much one unit has added or donated to your expansion, well, it's the little things.

Like, imagine zooming in and seeing a 5-star vetted T1 engie. You'll feel proud of the little guy!

~ Stryker

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This would be more for casters and the little details that one can appreciate (remember the blinking lights) then having any meaningful impact to gameplay.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Hero t1 engie

@veteranashe said in Vetting Engineers:

Hero t1 engie

Setons cast uploaded by TheDuelist. Watch on as four T1 engies become war heroes! Timestamp: 1:03:19

That moment has forever stuck with me, since. Haha.

~ Stryker

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Give increase build power or reclaim range to vetted engi so that even late game T1 engi can at least reclaim wrecks and wreck fields really fast