infinite connection

Eternal connection to any servers in FAF.Tell me please bf083e29-05e8-442e-8abf-24fbcdc89cdb-image.png

antivirus is turned off, scanof was, I can attach logs

You can try a VPN from another country.

Try selecting a coturn server (in the client, in the settings) and disable Ipv6.

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It didn't help

@Jip Our group has noticed some connection issues (we think with the ICE?) if you get a password to a lobby wrong. You then need to restart FAF or kill a bunch of processes.. I think it was ICE anyways. I host, so it's their problem, not mine. lol

I can try to get more info if you can't reproduce. We do play with BlackOps and a couple other sims, but we've just noticed this start happening.

@Sheikah ^, did anything change with the ICE adapter?

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Nope, have been using the same version for a while.

@Jip ok, took a while before we could get together to see the issue.

It's probably not the ICE adapter, but it looks like it keeps the game client open behind the 'bad password' message, and if you try to reconnect, it will just stay 'connecting' forever without connecting.

To recreate:

  1. Have someone start a lobby.
  2. purposely join with wrong password.
  3. you will get a bad password message and the FAF client will be on top.
  4. attempt to rejoin the same game with the correct password

You will see 'connecting' but you will not connect, because the first client never closed, but someone who doesn't alt-tab or use task manager will not immediately see that anything is wrong; only the infinite connect window.

Solution is just to close all instances of FA and retry, but it might be what's catching people.