Never repair ACU

Can we disable repairing ACUs? You order engies assist a damaged ACU, and all they do is waste their time, as there is almost no effect.

I once tried repairing an ACU with 200 engi SACUs with a para, and I did not notice any effect.

I think this I would be a nice QOL improvement

The ACU has a pretty modest mass cost but an extremely high energy cost (like at least 1 million), so yeah repairing can't ever result in much HP gained with reasonable amounts of BP

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

Instead of removing it, what about reducing the energy cost so repairing is enough to be noticeable with large amounts of build power, but still so slow that it is weak and doesnt cause significant balance issues?

How to make Cybran cloak laser acu standing near 40 hives be fun and interactive.

We either make repairing ACUs a thing or just remove it. But FtX does bring a fair point, it’s either too expensive to be useful or too cheap to be balanced. Could the amount repaired be capped? As in you can only repair 200hp/s max for example

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I really dont see '40 hives and cloaked ACU' being an overpowered scenario even with a large buff over the current rate

  • 40 fully upgraded hives costs 42k mass. If someone gets Cybran cloak laser near 40 hives, they have invested a huge amount of resources, so the use case is only going to be where you'd already be building 40 hives to assist with production more generally
  • Hives will die easily to any long range unit (hives have a build distance of 25, ACU has a range of 30 with gun, so t3 mobile arti would easily reach the hives which arent cloaked). That then necessitates having even more mass invested to counter mobile arti.
  • Hives can already have a similar effect currently by assisting a shield. As with repairing, assisting a shield costs resources. Outside of defending against T3 arti in a suboptimal but low apm defence, this is rare, and also easy to counter. Hence why people dont go for shield+hives as a counter to an enemy GC/Monkey/Ythothta. Even ignoring the ongoing assist cost itself, it costs far more investment per dps healed to heal as much as the dps of the unit you'd be defending against with shields, and this would be magnified with repair.
  • Repairing an ACU would cost resources. Even with a very high repair rate early game in most cases you'd be better off getting an upgrade that improves the ACU health/regen. Late-game fully upgraded ACUs die to experimentals (not even considering air)
  • With 260k energy cost and 45k health, repairing a monkeylord will presumably heal at 32 times the rate of a cloaked Cybran ACU currently, yet repairing a monkeylord is in no way overpowered.

repairing anything often is not viable to do because you can't repair moving units and engineers are slow, fragile, block units, block each other and repair discount is only 25% so if you want to repair unit from 0% hp to 100% you will spend 75% of mass and 75% of power but if you reclaim the unit you will get 81% mass so you rebuild it using 19% mass and 100% energy

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