Zombie game on the server

There is a dead game on the server no one can join called "fun" by StarCommander. It has been there for like a week. Can we remove it?

yes i so

There is no way to remove it without restarting the server and closing all games

And you thought lobbysim was bad? Try waiting for a game to fill for a whole week! rimshot

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

Is the player hosting it still online?

Technically the game says it has no players. But I also think the original host has gone offline and online a few times over the week or so it has been up.

Although I am assuming they went on and off. I haven't actually tracked them.

Just a reminder that as the time the dead game stays online approaches infinity, the man-hours wasted by people trying to enter it approaches infinity. At some point, it will have to be removed.

That is the revenge of the lobby sim. It developed an artificial intelligence and adapted its own code to overcome itself from being depended on players hosting.

From now on, the lobby sim fulfills itself its destiny by existing between the shadow realm and reality to avoid being started.

Because that would kill the lobby sim mind. Exist or not to exist, that is the question. Black mirror is written all over this spooky lobby.

Something has changed: It was 1/4 players, now it is 0/4. A mistery.

yes lol

maybe re the lobby?!

RIP the ghost game. You will stay in our hearts forever.