Perception vs reality. Can anyone relate?

The Aeon T2 PD, Oblivion has a glorious animation and splash. Every time it fires I watch it arc, hit or miss something, and feel good inside when a nearby unit near the primary target gets taken out! With such glorious AOE I laugh evilly every time someone shift-g's near the Oblivion.

However it seems like at the fringes of the water balloon splash, some units sometimes emerge unscathed. This is mildly frustrating. Despite this minor emotional affliction I take solace seeing the Triad, with its pathetic little shells miss so ofte... It hit. How did it hit that? The shot didn't even come close to connecting! Rage ensues.

It was probably a fluke. Already expecting to be disproven, I pop onto github and quickly compare the AOE's of the Oblivion and Triad. I'm shocked by what I find.
Disillusioned and disheartened I write, "Please change the animation for the Oblivion to better match its radius." Such disappointment cannot be allowed to be perpetuated!

roller coaster of a post

This also happens with cybran mmls. I agree they should be changed to match AOE