Co-op missions played solo won't save/load properly

I cannot play the co-op missions solo anymore. I was able to do this last year with no problems what so ever. I used the official shortcut parameter " /init init_coop.lua" but when I load the save game the mission events do not load with the save!

And yes I know you start the game in the skirmish dialog. And yes I have tried loading the save game from both the skirmish dialog and the mission dialog but the mission events DO NOT LOAD, thus the game is unplayable. I even redid my Windows install and re-installed the game and FaF fresh to try to solve this, but no joy in Mudville.

So annoying. Playing them solo without a save/load feature makes it almost impossible to win.

Now there has to be a way to do this as I cannot see the the map makers testing their creations without the ability to save/load properly.

Has the shortcut parameter/switch changed? I have search the interweb but all I can find is the same switch I always used. IE ' /init init_coop.lua'

Someone must know why this is...
Thanks in advance.

The mission maps and the the mission game files have been updated so old saves are no longer compatible with the current versio.

I am talking about new saves bro. lol. Not saves from a year ago.

Ah well additionally saves are not a true supported feature with FAF since we focus so much on the multiplayer experience so there is no guarantee that they always work with changes we have made.

I'm dangerously close to making it work again. I've been looking at it since March May, see also:

With a bit of luck it will work after the release on the 20th of August

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

@jip On behalf of the (few?) poor souls playing those maps/campaign offline, thank you so much!