Can not buy Supreme Commander from Russia

There is no way to purchase the game, but I really want to play Supreme Commander online.
Since I am from Belarus and do not have the opportunity to purchase the game on any of the available sites. I am afraid to purchase the game through intermediaries due to the risk of fraud. What can you advise?
P.S. Used google translator. Don't judge.

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@magge Steam does not allow you to change the region. I tried using the Argentina and Turkey VPNs to purchase the game. The currency is registered in Belarus and you need a card of another country (

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Can someone gift a copy of the game to you?

@arma473 If it were possible, then I would not ask for help here.
There are many sites where people sell games through accounts with other regions, and at the same time charge a markup of 30-55% percent. Even so, there is a chance of fraud. So you understand, in Belarus the game, that is, the Forged Alliance add-on, costs $12, and people ask $18-22 for it. And for me, an ordinary hard worker, this is too much money. Even $12 is a big amount. And again, I repeat that the chance of fraud is very high.
And it's also rather strange that the add-on costs more than the game itself.

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@belyash This is not how you are supposed to name topics.

@BeLyasH Are you perhaps able to buy it from GOG? This would work since this store is now FAF-compatbile. Here's the link if you need it.

I also have to agree with Melanol, please name topics properly next time.

GOG does not sale to Russia at the moment.

Any high quality VPN will work with Steam/GOG and you are able to buy the game for just a few cents or Turkish lira. hint

Most known VPN provider will not work with Steam to trick the "I am from another country, sell me the other stuff from country XY", because Steam is not that stupid.

There are a ton of guides on the internet, OP, you need to spend more effort into this.

Also, there will be no guide on FAF how to dodge those restrictions, because this is not an advertisement platform for VPNs and neither a platform for shadyish tutorials.

However, I can verify, that it takes literally like 3 minutes to make such Steam account to buy restricted games from other countries, when you just use 1 minute google.

Thread closed, all important stuff to that topic was already said.