Just a general question really. I've had a few hard fought team games lately where they desynched at the end (eg after 40+ mins of battle) meaning I know they won't be ranked.

Some of the comments from other players kinda gave me the impression that possibly players who had died had done something to deliberately desynch the game. Is that possible? Maybe I picked it up wrong though.

On a related note, is it possible to look at the desynch stats and spot any patterns eg does any player seem to suffer an unusually high number of desynchs?

Giving a data dump and counting how often players end up in a desync may give you an answer to your third paragraph. Besides that, I am not aware of a 'technique' to cause a desync, except if we're talking about exploits of some sort 🙂 .

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@jip said in Desynchs:

, except if we're talking about exploits of some sort 🙂

yeah that is my fear !

When someone is desyncing on purpose, he will be caught, because it is an easy pattern to detect.

If you make a report about the games/player where it happens, then we can look into it.

Good to know thanks!