Can't Switch To Tech 2 In Factories While Playing Coop campaign missions.

Factory was confirmed upgraded but the button to switch to Tech 2 units in the factory was still greyed out. Snow Blind mission. Occurs whether using shared armies or not using shared armies.


as you can see above it is a T2 Factory but the button to switch to T2 is blacked out. I decided to test this while soloing the coop mission from the FAF client and I was able to reproduce it.

You are supposed to gain access to T2 factory upgrade, T2 engineers and T2 gunships at certain points in the mission, does the bug happen then or is the problem that factory upgrade is possible too early (before any T2 units are unlocked during the mission) ?

i think the ai that is supposed to be defended has a t2 land hq so faf reads that as you've already had it build somewhere, it's a known bug but it's intented for you not having access to t2 stuff in that mission

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:

I noticed in coop you can build t2 factorys without a hq then it only lets you build engies out of them, is that a t2 hq factory?