Add mapgen-only TMM queue(s)

Map generator-only TMM queue(s) should be added to FAF's matchmaker. It would not be hard to add TMM queue(s) that only use randomly generated maps, and a lot of people prefer to play mapgen for a variety of reasons (ie: more variety of maps, different types of map compositions, mapgen's style, less perception of BO-based disadvantage, etc). A lot of people are more likely to queue if there is a mapgen-only queue.

Note that:

  • Mapgen is popular
  • Mapgen is good enough that it is already in TMM
  • Mapgen has successfully been used in tournaments
  • Mapgen-only weeks have successfully been done in ladder/TMM
  • People can multi-queue for the queues they want to play while avoiding the ones they don't

To those who dislike mapgen or who don't want to use a mapgen-only queue, I would like to remind you that adding mapgen-only queue(s) would not require removing any current queues, and you can choose which queues you queue for. It's not a zero-sum game. People can multi-queue, and adding mapgen-only queue(s) would draw more people into using the matchmaker more often. I would even expect it to increase the popularity of other queues over the long-term, as it would help make the matchmaker more popular. Additionally, you don't have to agree with the judgment of those who like the map generator. Regardless of whether or not you disagree with their reasoning for wanting to queue for mapgen, if they think it's better-suited for them, they're more likely to queue for it. And honestly, there are more than enough good reasons to like mapgen.

PS: I did not specify things like team size or share condition because I didn't want people to focus on those with this post.

pfp credit to gieb

If you want mapgen just host a custom game.
That you can ensure it is a good mapgen not something terrible.
And if you dont like mapgens you just dont join.

Ras Boi's save lives.

If you propose to remove map-gen from "usual" TMM map pools wouldnt it be a step back in popularizing map-gen?
If you want to get additional queue(s) for people who prefer map-gen wouldn`t it look like "too much" map-gen? I mean, deselecting map-gen queue and than getting map-gen map might be a little frustrating.
P.S. With generated maps in all map pools and map-gen only weeks I doubt that people who dislike it still play TMM.
P.P.S. Of course it would be nice to have some additional "fun" queues but the only change so far was removing "4vs4 NS"

If mapgen gets this i want my own setons queue!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone gets their own queue!

No map gen only queue for the same reason we don’t have a sentons queue, dual gap queue, ur mom queue, etc

Plenty of more interesting gameplay divergences to use queues for than the 5th flavor of monkey push map.