Hi all. I have a problem with the connection in the game. This does not always happen, about 1 time out of 8.
At first, I lost connection with the entire lobby at the beginning of the game (up to 10 minutes). And now it happens either in the middle (20-30) or at the end (37+). When I press reconnect in the FAF client, it closes, and if I just wait, I fly out in a couple of minutes. As I said, this does not happen in every game and therefore I cannot understand what is wrong.
Help solve the problem, please. Below I attach the logs from the last game.


  • Make sure you have a stable connection
  • Try to disable IP6
  • Open an icmp echo sending process in the background and monitor the stability of your connection (e.g. https://ping.canbeuseful.com
  • Open the ice adapter debugger window and take a look what is going on in there once you get disconnected
  • Go to the settings, toggle the advanced ice adapter log, after a game where it happened, send me the normal and the advanced ice adapter log
  • EXPERIMENTALLY, you can try to enable force relay in the client settings and see if that changes anything
    (@RandomInternetUserComingAcross this post from search, DON'T, if everyone did this, the server would be overloaded)

What happens to the FAF client when this issue occurs? Does it also disconnect? If no, you SHOULD NOT reconnect it, as the client is passing on the ice adapter's coordination messages automatically.

Having issues with connectivity / ICE? Talk to me.

@magge Pls don't tell everyone to disable IPv6. If they initially connect successfully, it's not the candidate harvesting timing out due to v6.

Having issues with connectivity / ICE? Talk to me.

@Geosearchef This is the first time I ever suggest disabling IP6, because recently many other guys suggested it, and it solved the problems for common connection problems like OPs.

I can give you many similar threads where people said disabling IP6 solved their connections problems. Even in Discord, they are telling the same in the technical channel.

I do not even mention it in my FAQ so far, so why do you feel/assume I told it to everyone?


  1. Connection was stability
  2. Screenshot taken at the time of loss of connection
  3. game_17514942.log
  4. I haven't tried force relay yet, but I'll try next time and see what happens.

When the connection is lost, the FAF cannot automatically reconnect, and when I do it manually, the client closes immediately after the reconnect

And yes, I turned off IPv6 but it didn't help.

@Veoler what client version are you using?

@sheikah Latest version 2022.6.0 and this problem was with the previous version of the client. I can't say anything about earlier versions.

When you drop... do you have connection with anything else? See the suggestion before to use https://ping.canbeuseful.com/#ping

You can also do;
ping google.com -t
in a commandprompt and keep that running.

Either way; I remember your nickname. Just this week I was telling the guys "will Veoler time out in lobby or in game?" and promptly it said "Veoler timed out". Good you are to try to resolve it!

It seems that enough time and games have passed for me to be able to draw a conclusion. Enabling force relay seemed to help me, there were no more connection losses with the entire lobby. And I did not notice any slowdowns in the connection, as it is written in the description of this option.