Solutions for common errors with the FAF client launcher or supreme commander

Find out what kind of error you have, by searching up your error text from the following list. (Copy the whole phrase.)

Common errors phrases❎:

RuntimeException: Tag mismatch!

SocketException: Connection reset
WebClientRequestException: Connection timed out

TimeoutException: Did not observe any item or terminal signal within 60000ms in 'sinkOneMulticast'

IOException: Cannot run program

java.lang.RuntimeException: Forged Alliance Crashed with exit code 1

Alliance Crashed with exit code -1073741515
Forged Alliance terminated with exit code -1073741515

Could not extract value with pattern 'code=([^ &]+)


cartographic.fx reason: unknown error

LoginException: Could not reach server

Solutions:👨‍🔧🍏 :

  1. Reason:

The client is unable to establish a secure connection to the content server for downloading the game files.

  • Disable security software for testing purpose
  • Check firewall settings, if it blocks anything related to secure connection/FAF Launcher

  1. Reason:

Something is blocking the client to have access to the internet, or you have a very unstable connection.

  • Check if your internet connection is stable
  • Check if firewall is blocking the access
  • Disable security software for testing purpose
  • Try a VPN from a different country

  1. Reason:

Client can not detect that you are logged in from browser

  • Change default web browser.

  1. Reason

Program is blocked or has wrong user rights

  • Make sure security software is not blocking the client
  • Make sure your windows account has rights to run the software
  • Remove "C:\ProgramData\FAForever" folder; and reinstall FAF
  • For testing purpose, run the client with admin rights.

  1. Reason

Some error caused the crash

  1. Reason

Something is not working with your Supreme Commander.

  • Start Supreme Commander via Steam/GOG, to download any missing files or additional needed software, then start a skirmish mission to create a Supreme Commander profile

  1. Reason

Files do not exist.

  • Make sure nothing blocks your access to the FAF client or Supreme Commander folder
  • Reinstall FAF client and Supreme Commander

  1. Reason

Problem with the current browser to processed certain information

  • Change default web browser.
  • Install another browser like Firefox, Chrome, etc.

  1. Reason

Another process is blocking the files

  • restart the PC

  1. Reason

Unknown, yet.

Reinstall FAF, supreme commander

  1. Reason
  • On your end, something is blocking the internet access from/to the FAF client
  • You have no internet
  • Login server is down

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