Manual Reclaim with just one click

Would a manual reclaim be possible like this -> Player clicks first stone/mass and holds the mouse button, then moves the mousecursor to next stones/mass, these gets marked without an andditional click.

The game is done deliberatly in a way, that there is no other way as effective (and easier) as manual reclaim, clicking on all rocks.

I mean just mouse button holding instead of clicking. javascript -> "onmouseover/onmouseenter" insted of "onclick"

There was discussion recently regarding a similar approach, and the common consensus was that it was either unnecessary or deviated from the gameplay mechanic a little too much.

Also the recent random UI improvements mod adds a new reclaim mechanic that may work well for you.

Last time i used random UI improvements's reclaim hotkey it bugged on me multiple times and i had to disable it. Was that mod updated?

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@zlo I'm using it and haven't experienced any bugs.
It's just weird, that the reclaim command is still active if you let go of shift. So you have to click some empty spot or something or you will reclaim whatever you want to select next.😅

I make a point to just press the hotkey again which goes back to regular mode. Takes a bit to get use to, but does work.