Cringe Tournament



Hello and welcome to the Cringe Tournament! It is a tournament with a cringe set of rules. Signing upper limit is 1300 global and no lower limit.

Rules for upper bracket:

• Both participants turn-based veto 1 faction and pick 1 faction
• Both participants turn-based veto 1 unit in each tech of opponents faction(ATTENTION! you can not veto buildings, ACU, Experimentals)
• Higher seed gets to veto first.

Rules for lower bracket:

• 1st-final column of loser bracket will play FFA with claustrophobia on unexplored neroxis. Last 2 survivors will advance to the next column.
• Final column of loser bracket will be FFA with claustrophobia on Forest nothing. The finalist comes to the upper bracket to the finals.

Would you like to contribute to the prize pool?

You would have to contact me via discord. ююю#5139.

Prize pool:

• 1st: 2000 - 7 Rubles, Cringe Tournament Champion Avatarc4324367-a6dd-4e0e-8f5b-89fc72203268-image.png
• 2nd: 1000 Rubles, Faction Face Avatar
• 3rd: Faction Icon Avatar

Donated by:

993 Rubles - Furkotya
2000 Rubles - D1zast3R

The schedule:

July 2, 2022 - Cringe Tournament Qualifier(if too much sign ups)
July 3, 2022 - Cringe Tournament Main Stage
All events will start at 14:00 UTC.

Sign ups are open until July 1st 00:00 UTC.

Can i sign up with ladder rating 😛

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"you cant not veto buildings, ACU, Experimentals"

This means you can only veto buildings, ACUs, and experimentals.

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@spikeynoob no xd

@plungernoob no xd [2]

sign up. Karateka

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Due to recent insane ideas of participants, I introduce additional rule that prevents you from banning engineers

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TA4Life: "At the very least we are not slaves to the UI" | |

@zlo Rating cap is 1300, Cringe tournament II will be more or less for 1300+, you will have you chance to have fun.

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This post is deleted!

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