BO Request - Auburn Canyon

Hello friends

I know this map was recently part of the summer invitational tournament. However, I dont think neither Nexus or Tagada played on it. Therefore, I was wondering if anyone had cooked a tailored build order on this map OR would be interested in making one.

However, I'm not talking about just a typical BO, I know how to do that. I'm talking about something that uses/abuses nearby reclaim in order to push the BO further. Kinda like trying to use both energy and mass as much as possible without overflowing either.


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Skill > BO -> ez

Shitty 5km map just autoquit and veto in tourneys np

@thewheelie said in BO Request - Auburn Canyon:

Shitty 5km map just autoquit and veto in tourneys np


also it's 7.5x7.5

Its called generic bo. There are more generic bo's then fingers on both of my arms combined.

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Here's a reasonable one : 17199921
I would advise to look at harzer's POV (BangerNOOB), his take is closest to generic BOs (so easier to reproduce), it looks better rounded and safer. Grim's one is interesting though.

Here's my wacky aggressive BO : 17305261
Not perfect by any mean, bomber side is questionable, depending on what results the first lab got. Number and direction of labs can vary depending on your elo's meta. I'm making a bit too much power, you can remove one pgen after the second land fac. Follow up can be lots of power into gun, more land fac, more air fac, a transport if cliff build fails ...