4v4 MapGen Tourney

Tournament Director: F-Odin

Date: 31/10/20
Time: 15:00 GMT
Channel: #4v4MapGen

Rating Limit: 6400
CPU limit: 300

Challonge: https://challonge.com/tjc4t0ye

This is the return of competitive MapGen play. Each team will consist of 4 players whose combined rating must be below 6400 Global.

This is a double elimination tourney with the top (winners) bracket hosting 20x20 generated maps and the bottom (losers) hosting 10x10 generated maps with the default settings:

Number of spawns: 8
Water: Enabled
Mountains: Enabled
Plateaus: Enabled
Ramps: Enabled

Leaving the map name empty and changing the size dependent on bracket.

Fullshare is off

Each team will be able to veto 1 randomly generated map per round, to do so inform the TD who will instruct for a new map to be generated, though inform through a team "captain" to prevent confusion.

Other than that usual tournament rules apply i.e. drawn matches are replayed, disconnects before 5 mins are replayed once, after 5 mins are played on etc. and TD gets final say on these.

Prize pool includes:

1st Place: Unique MapGen Avatar MapGenMaster2.png 2nd Place: Faction Face Avatar
3rd Place: Faction Logo Avatar

Sign up with full team and each players global rating.

Players Looking for a team:


Signups close 30 mins before the start (14:30 GMT)

Would love to join.
Would it be possible to register with alternative members in case someone can't make it or has to be replaced? Will sign up soon.

@Conorach Yep sure, as long as there is 4 people on the day who meet the requirements, then signing up with possible members is fine, and teams can always be updated as you get more info

last mapgen tourney was a 3v3 with a rating limit of 5400. now its a 4v4 with a rating limit of 5400? imfine

Signing up with 3 plebs from GB

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yo yo yo ANZ Clan being led by Arch Signing up currently with:

Sadly i cant participate.

Analyze, Adapt, Overcome...

@TheWheelie pls don't be logical here

signing up 4 scr burgers

signing up the second scr party

@SYSTEM_FAILURE said in 4v4 MapGen Tourney:

Signing up with 3 plebs from GB

well guess there isnt any point signing up now 😞

Do you know the Muffin Man?

hey can I join Im like a rank 300, I need to be in a team n such

This post is deleted!

singing up the 3d scr party

Signing up.
Team: GEN MapGen
Tagada - 2323
herzer99 - 1751
Luca2512 - 1143
chriskila000 - 1084

6301 points total

We votet on changing the teamname to - name pending
thanks for changing 😛

Signing up: BBC Team - 6,082
Emperor_Penguin - 1752
Cascade - 1696
Mr_Blastman - 1428
Tripsandclips - 1206

pfp credit to gieb

signing up with 4 zfg teams. you know who 😉

Hey, want join, but don't have team. Im overrated 1200.

<-- overrated 1900 free agent