Transit Quotes

So I’ve been playing some Skyrim lately and been noticing that the loading screens can often be split 50/50 between things that give advice and things that are just meant to be funny in universe. I was wondering if anyone would think it’d be interesting to do a thing where you can gather some fun quotes from casters/streamers/players and basically convert them into quotes by “commanders” that have names based on the player they come from and maybe a date or location they came from in universe. I dunno, seems like a fun little worldbuilding you could do that newer players might enjoy and I’d enjoy reading more than the 10th tip about whatever gameplay advice.

“You insult my feelings and my religion”
~ Illuminate Ambassador Espiria during the breakdown of the Regor Peace Accords, 3472.

I like this idea.

"It's important to remember that the Cybrans are as devious as they are cowardly. Their Loyalists can decrypt and redirect our missile guidance software-- including tactical nuclear warheads. We won't make that mistake twice."

-UEF General Shayla Zhavoran, 3680

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

Here's an attack with a bunch of mantis and they are going to go ahead and fall down.