Trouble setting up - Help


I have watched the you tube matches and really enjoyed them. I am trying to get an account setup but I keep running into problems with linking steam. Now every time I try to get it linked it says to many attempts during the login phase. I have waited half hour and tried again but get the same "to many attempts within a short time frame. please wait awhile and try again." I checked the FaQ sheets and followed the steps but still running into an issue. Is this a known issue?

How do I get this fixed.

New issue. Now after I login it tells me I'm not properly logged in.

Is the first problem still ongoing?

Can you make a screenshot of that 2nd problem, I assume there is something on your end, that is broke, which needs to be fixed - Not the client itself.

i have deleted your message since it contains personal data, you can either contact moderators on discord or e-mail us, as far as i am aware, you can message magge via the forums messages as well @BrothersGrim

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:

We talk via PM.

What are we trying, so far - will edit the result later in.

  1. reset internet modem
  2. clear browsing cache, cookies, etc.
  3. login into your steam via a different browser
  4. If the above does not work, try with a VPN

I've tried those options and even reinstalled steam, FAF, and Supreme Commander but still get the to many attempts error. Ill try again at a later time. Thank you for the assistance.

That is very odd, try to contact steam support to ask what is happening to your account.

If the message still says,"too many login failures from your network" and you have waited 24 hours, then something is very, very fishy.