Reclaim disappear's after 25 min in game


I have the problem in game, which happens on multiple map's, has anyone encountered this, all map reclaim disappear s, rock's tree's etc. Only destroyed unit's and building's reclaim stay's on the map. Everything else is gone. I am playing in offline mode.

here is the log file Reclaim gone at 25 min.txt

yes, AI-Uveso is deleting wrecks after 25 minutes and all other wrecks after additinal 15 minutes.

This was an old function to improve game performance.
i will remove it in the next AI-Uveso version.

Thanks for reporting, i forgot that completely 😄

@uveso I was just testing after I disabled ReclaimCleaner function in LUA. Thank you.

EDIT: tested for a half an hour everything is working fine reclaim is still on the map.

So consider the thread CLOSED 🙂