Naval adjacency

What if we make a land building transferring building adjacency to naval factories? Like in 1 adjacency building per 1 naval factory. You build it on land, connect it to a naval factory, the building receives adjacency bonuses from economy buildings surrounding it and transfers them to a naval factory (but not too far, has to be close to water).

As of now, naval units do not get any discounts. A little discount may make naval battles more interesting.

This post is deleted!

With most naval production the factory itself is only a small part of the buildpower used. So adjacency on that...

Would you also suggest transferring the volatility of the fabs / pgens?

Adjacency to underwater mexes and hyrdo is reasonable. But as jcv said, isn't the meta more to spam engineers to increase build rate. Sames as on land, the adjacency improvement only boosts the organic build power in the factory, not the external build power.