FAF cant log in. No auto login.

Suddenly unable to log into game. v 2022.4

Solution : OLD Version 2021.12 downloaded and it works.

This post is deleted!

Post a client log

@deribus Not sure if it is correct cant find normal log from this client only .gz
And im not sure if its from that new client since it dont say in file name version of client. I instaled couple of them to check what works.
Old client that have different ui graphic also works

You need to post the most recent log right after this happens. The log is just client.log probably shows up as just client in windows explorer

New client.log is only from next day(its always 1 day or one sesion), no client.log from day that it happen only with gz extension(that i posted)
If new version of client will make this happen again i will post log

The client.log without any date in the name is the most recent and current log file that is used and actively being written to.

@sheikah And its usless to you since its with data from today only 24 may and yesterday it was only from 23 may.

Yes you should post the log right after you reproduce the error with logging in in

Just delete the whole log folder, reproduce the error and post everything what was spawned in there.