How can I get better at the game and or improve my rating?


To get better at the game, you can check out these helpful resources, learn from people in the #gameplay-and-training channel on the FAF Discord, and or contact a trainer.

You can increase your rating by winning rated games. You can check out this link to see the things that can make games unrated. If there is nothing that makes a game unrated, it is rated.

You generally gain more rating when you win a game with a lower player count (ie: winning a balanced 1v1 will normally give you more rating than winning a balanced 6v6), and you generally gain more rating when you win a game where the team ratings are not balanced in your favor (ie: the 2 teams have similar overall ratings, or your team has less overall rating than the enemy team does).

It is better to try to improve at playing the game than to try to game the system.


There's already a FAQ on how to increase one's rating, wouldn't it be better to reformat this FAQ to focus on getting better at the game?


That FAQ post helps to clarify what causes FAF ratings to increase. It does not state anything about improving at the game, which (in combination with playing rated games) is the operative way to improve one's rating.

This post is deleted!

Just kidding friend, you likely rank higher than me.