blackOps broken animations

Hi all,
I have discovered that some blackops units are not displaying animations for movement and attacking as they should, while others are working just fine.

I have so far only tested with Cybran faction.

the units in question are the Shadow Splitter cloaked bot which does not walk but glides across the terrain (i dont remember if it shoots correctly) and the Aries cruiser, which when ordered to walk on land simply slowed up to the beach without the legs emerging then teleported to a spot some distance from the beach in the approximate location of the move order. the unit also failed to attack ground when ordered but the canons did point to the target so maybe thats sort of working?

Other units added from blackops appear to work fine including Raider stealth tank, Bouncer anti-air,Hailfire missile bot, Leviathan sub, Reaper Escort ship. (im not certain that all of these are blackops or some from other mods)

Finally the Ennui class missile submarine shows no strategic overlays when selected, but animates and shoots normally so im unsure if this is an error or simply something missing from the development of that particular unit, but its inconvenient as it gives visual little indication about the properties of the unit or which units on screen are selected or otherwise.

I understand that broken animations can be sue to incorrect installation of the mod and files being missing from the necessary paths, however the blackops mods were installed via the faf client. Maybe there is some extra step for installation i have overlooked?

I'm assuming these popular mods to be working as intended for other players, therefore im unsure as to how to fix these issues and would be grateful for any instruction more experienced users may be able to provide.

thanks for reading.


All of the animation appears to work fine for me. I agree that the animation speed is off, but that is up to the author / maintainer to fix.

You can try looking through the logs for errors. These should be warnings or errors right after spawning the unit. This is usually somewhere at the bottom of the log.

You can few these in game using this hotkey:


Or afterwards via the client:


And then find the log with the corresponding replay id.

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This post is deleted!

I posted the log but then I looked again at the vault to delete and reinstall BlackOps and now its working as it should. It seems I was using the old BlackOps Special Weapons when i ought to have been using BlackOpsExUnits because they are the basically the same thing right. regardless the issue is solved! Thanks for your patience.

Hello guys,

as you seem to know:
What Mods must we install to play Blackops?

Could you please tell me the mods so I tell my guys to install it?

Thanks in advance!

We play always vs AI.
We need the Teleport Inhibitor.
Sadly is seems it is only aviabable in Baclops.
Would be nice to have it in Mayham ...

Black ops is a stand alone mod in FAF.
No need for global icon support or other additional mods.

you can install all or only one of the following Black Ops mods:

BlackOpsFAF-ACUs <only for FAF> v18
More info:

BlackOpsFAF-Unleashed <only for FAF> v19
More info:

BlackOpsFAF-EXUnits <only for FAF> v19
More info:

Black Ops is compatible to Total Mayhem, so you can use both (all 4) mods together.
For more compatible mods see: