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@TheWheelie I dont know those games enough to make an analyse. Are they more popular because more mechanical or for some other reason. I express my opinion, and that of people with I have spoken, when saying that less mechanic is more fun.

"Also the game is (mostly) balanced around competitive play, not suboptimal play." Thats what they say. I dont feel like I try to unbalance it for competitive play. I do little bit manual reclaim, and i am still against the overly big advantage of it. And I think that if I would have +2000 points I would be against it exactly the same.


You don't need to know how to use mass perfectly, even tagada, nexus and Yudi aren't capable of that seeing as they still lose games and can be seen stalling at times or floating mass. The reality is that this magic manual RECLAIM thingy is not what's gating you from achieving greatness. It's not even that important in the grand scheme of things as proper attack moves are more than good enough at reclaiming stuff.

The whole notion that this would somehow free up your apm is also nothing but fallacy considering factory attack move already exists and is great way to scoop up massive reclaim fields at basically no APM cost.

Like what is next? Discussion about the building Q reclaim that makes your engies scoop up all the mass fast beneath the Q'ed building?

Also, if I'm still somehow 1.7k rated and mostly using attack move for my reclaim orders apart from early where there is literally nothing to do then maybe manual reclaim ain't what is gating you from the great heights? And as someone who was 2k but dropped back to 1.7k currently I can 100% say that manual reclaim knowledge and APM aren't the issues that I'm facing but lack of feeling for the game and abysmal economy management coupled with suicidal tendencies. Literally few reclaim rocks are the least of my concerns if I were to be aiming at getting back to my peak rating. And anyone who thinks that this is the problem is just deluding themselves to find anything but their own shortcomings as the reason they are stuck.


@E33144211332424 I never said that I want to "achieve greatness" in FAF rating. Or that manual reclaim is what is gating me from the great heights. I never said that manual reclaim is the most important thing, or that you will win games by doing only manual reclaim. But manual reclaim is (small) part of the game. People do it. You do it. And it would be lie to say that you do it only in first couple of minutes of the game.
Manual reclaim is more effective, if you have apm, capabilities, and conditions to do it (might be hard to find Setons replay 1100+ with out someone making at least some manual reclaim). If you dont understand it, we are turning in cercles here. Try sandboxing maybe.


@wikingest Well u don't need to reclaim manualy if u don't have the apm to do so just attack move is more effective on setons because of the large trees groups (u make it manually just for the first 3 engies or in extream need of reasources )


There is also possibility to add "do nothing" time to manual reclaim, rather than removing it from automated reclaim. Adding small wait time before every manual reclaim (as in automated reclaim), would reduce the effectiveness of click-spam. With already discussed beneficial effects. Maybe the change would be less noticable in the game.

@Unknow Doing it for first 3 engies is donig it. And have you seen often people getting mid reclaim only with attack move?


@wikingest What do u have to do other than this in the first 3 minutes ? Mid reclaim can be recalim by attack moves


You’re really conflating a lot of terminology here in the hopes it makes your point more coherent. You keep swapping between “oh dudes do it just a little bit” to “click spam” if dudes do it a little bit then it’s hardly click spam. You also say it hardly does anything that leads to winning but then try to talk about how it’s necessary to nerf manual reclaim “click spam” why? If it’s marginal and hardly impactful why does it need a nerf?

I win games against 2000 rated players without a single manual reclaim order. The efficiency of manual reclaim on many maps is counteracted just by having better management of your engineer spread quite often.

The only maps where I feel manual reclaim actually gives a massive advantage are desert maps with reclaim spreads like desert strike or africa where it’s 37 mass rocks spread quite far apart so attack moves are much slower than manual reclaim even from factories. But these maps are often considered bad or at least given a negative for this reclaim spread even in matchmaker team discussions so it isn’t like this type of reclaim spread is encouraged by any system on FAF.


You talking to me?

About your chess example, that has so much to do with this subject. If you play fast chess, where you have 1 min of thinking time for the whole game, not being able to click fast enough can totally lose games. If you make comparison with slower chess, where you have 6 minutes for every move, then show me how you win consistently on FAF by making only one click every 6 minutes. 🙂

If, for example, people use manual reclaim only on second minute, but on that time give 200 reclaim orders, then it is used little bit, while it is still a click spam.

I never said it is marginal. You are really inventing lot of stuff here. There is lot of people who say more or less contradictory things: Like some say that manual reclaim is only important in high rated games, some say it is not important, some say it is important in the beginning, some say it is important for reclaim bigger than x, some say on specific maps, some say on specific conditions etc. Of course, my answers differ a little, but my idea have not changed for me, and I have already explained it. If someone has anything to say, I am open to discuss of course. But repeating here only because you are inventing random stuff is a waste of time. For my reasons please see my above comments.

Are you really the best player, with best score, that consistently never manually reclaims? So that you can try to make so general deductions on some of your games?


I think most of people would rather trust all the high rated player that spoke rather than you


I think this topic has served its purpose. Considering that both the balance lead and the game lead has objections I see no reason to keep it going. Can a moderator lock this topic?

For those that came in after, here's a tldr:

If manual reclaim matters, then it is only in the first few minutes of the game. At that point there is nothing better to do with your apm / attention. At any other point during the game you need to use your apm / attention to make decisions on the battlefield. As the higher rated players show, the current features that are available (patrol / attack move / attack move from factory) are reliable and sufficient to automate the task. There's no need for an additional, fourth option as it won't solve any actual problem that isn't solved by all the features that are already available.

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