Top level BO's from Tagada


Inspired by this thread I've decided to share some of my own BO's. I hope this will help some of the competitively minded players achieve their ladder goals. Please keep in mind that some of these build orders can be hard to execute and are generally aimed at 1.6k+ players. Also while important build orders can't replace fundamentals so you shouldn't focus most of your time making/copying them.

Since I can't upload files with .fafreplay extension I am gonna share a folder through my google drive:

To kickstart this thread that I will hopefully keep active for at least a couple of months:

Couple of BO's for May 2022 Ladder Pool:

From LoTS 2021 preparation:

Bermuda Locket - FAF version - BO replay in the google drive folder

Open Palms - BO replay in the google drive folder
In action: LoTS Semi-Final vs Turbo2 : #15935060

Arcane - BO replay in the google drive folder

From Summer Inv. 2021 preparation:

Daroza's Sanctuary - Prep game vs Arch in the google drive folder

The Ditch - FAF version - BO replay in the google drive folder
in action: Summer Inv. Semi-Final vs Paralon #14967044

I find it really funny that in the replay of your build order in action your opponent says:

TURBO2 to all: bo pls

Please do build order for Darozas and Ditch…

@morax don't build mexes B)

This post is deleted!

Yeah the ditch BO is something I never would have though of before. Thank you very much for sharing @Tagada .

The build orders for The Ditch, Bermuda and Daroza are really, really good. I have to say that it bothers me players do not see these maps until they unlock thee 1800+ ladder level as it brings the "no mex build" to the extreme. You simply cannot be good at that until you are "allowed" to play these maps.

For me, the use of reclaim at the beginning of a match is a crucial decision-making process where you quickly try to calculate in your head how long you can go before having engineers go -60e drain at the start while you are still building a hydro or pgens. You notice this dilemma most on maps like Crossfire canal where the meta is to build the hydro with 2 engies, use 1 or 2 for attack move, all the while running your ACU around to build 4, very spaced out mexes.

I feel kind of scatter-brained watching these BOs as it makes me both happy to learn and equally frustrated that you don't get to put this kind of BO to use until latter stages of competing....

In the past and current I see @FtXCommando write "People hit 1800 and then they cannot progress well spare a few people..." (not an exact quote but maybe you can clear it up) and to me this is one of the main reasons.

To me the cause is that you simply cannot casually improve through sheer game spam at around 1800. You get like 3-4 nice games a day or so and you need to maximize the gains from those games if you want to get to a higher level. If you just play whatever and hope you improve, it’ll take like 3x as long as before both due to the exponential effort to improve enough to beat 1800s 80% of the time and the lack of games that you could have gotten at like 1300.

The problem of improving at some arbitrary high rating preexists the rating system, the current system is more a reaction to attempt to allow for more games by making pools that appeal to each segment than anything else.

Isn't Morax the one in charge of ladder pools? Why is he complaining about FtX?

If people can't get to 1800 playing on normal maps with normal mechanics they probably aren't up to the task of making complicated decisions and build orders on high-reclaim maps.

I actually agree with FTX that most people who do hit 1800+ cannot maintain it or advance from there. What I wrote was not a complaint at all.

For the 1v1 pool, arch rotated me to do 4v4 and Tagada do 1v1.

Requesting Setons 1v1 BO ! I keep watching replays but I don't trust any of them : D

The only replays I see of you on there in current are" TEST TEST TEST"


@morax I think recently Yudi posted on his Youtube a BO of each setons spot?

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@javi said in Top level BO's from Tagada:

@morax I think recently Yudi posted on his Youtube a BO of each setons spot?

That’s for normal sentons. The 1v1 is a bit different as you won’t have air support from sides.

@morax Young boy getting brutalized by an old man: #13414017

If you search by Seton's Clutch - FAF version for the past two years you can also find my practice games vs Turbo2 and Nexus right before LoTS 2020 but sadly I no longer have the replay files. Yet another thing I didn't copy from my hard drive when It died 😕

Perhaps if you really want to you can ask them for the replays.