sACU upgrade automation?

I know about the new Preset system, but my preferred sACU configuration doesn't have a preset.

It seems there used to be an sACU upgrade automation solution, but it was deprecated by the new Preset system.

Can anyone offer any pointers on how to waste less time micromanaging bois to get them to my preferred state?

I can't help but what's the upgrades you want?

The fact that you can select multiple boys at once and tell them all to get the same upgrades makes it pretty simple

If you're not worried about the original mass cost of the SACU (which matters if you care how much reclaim is left behind at death, and for aeon sacrificial system, and for how much veterancy enemy gets for killing it) then you just pick whichever preset is closest to what you want and then manually get the remaining upgrades. Being able to select 5 or 10 at a time means it takes not a lot of APM. And if they're standing next to assisters (hives, kennels, or engineers with a ground assist order) the assisters can speed up the upgrade process.

UEF sACU with RAS, bubble shield and gun upgrade