Open Meeting

In my board member application I mentioned the idea to have regular meetings where we can share knowledge, exchange ideas or discuss questions.

The first meeting will be this Friday, 29th at 17:00 UTC in discord.

There is no set time limit, everybody is welcome. I especially want to invite the new team leaders, I'm sure you have questions or things to discuss. I envision this as a possibility to connect and to have some space to talk without a set agenda.

I will do this somewhat regularly, but I don't know how often yet.

See you soon

Unfortunately you'll never see me there. Not because I'm uninterested, but because it's not compatible with my family time as this is 19:00 local (bed) time.

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ā€“ Benno Rice

Not exactly a great time for people who are working jobs outside the EU ā€¦.

Sounds great, wish I could attend.

I've moved my schedule, I'll try and be there. I may be running late.

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I'll experiment with the schedule in the future. This time it's a friday as there is a tourney on saturday. Maybe I will use a varying starting time to give everyone a chance to take part in at least some of the meetings.

Is it possible to get a short summary (or bullet points) of the meeting?

Like which topics were talked about and what it results it to.

This post is deleted!

There is no agenda as far as I am aware, we may even end up talking about things unrelated to FAF.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

I think he meant something more like meeting minutes instead of an agenda.