Ban EcoManager & Similar Mods

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And how exactly is the community gonna figure out decent ones to integrate when they’re banned from all competitive play?

By testing them in non-ladder and non-tournament games.

Why do you always discard any idea proposed in the forum as garbage?

You said all ranked games. Nobody decent plays unranked games habitually so your sample size for testing these ui mods will be 3 games hosted and played by game devs and/or balance teams for 2 hours on the weekends. If what you mean is ban them from the matchmakers and tournaments, now you have created two even more alienated subcommunities with even less overlap as people need to adjust their settings to both environments. Custom lobbies are the larger subset, so this will inevitably hurt the matchmaker and tournament communities more than the general FAF community and make yet another roadblock for any player to overcome to reach "decent" level.

Believe it or not but I just discard the garbage ideas as garbage.

Here are the 3 UI mods that have been argued as necessary for decent play:

Additional Camera Stuff - for build range rings showing up, this is planned on being integrated. Carries a bunch of superfluous camera hotkeys that some people use but tons of people don't.

Advanced Target Priorities - gives you additional control over unit targeting. Was partially integrated as it was deemed too complicated and too much information for new players to be given which would only harm them in figuring out what they need to focus on to actually get better. A simple version with ACU and unit priority was integrated and once they reach intermediate level on FAF they can download the mod to get further control when that gives them greater value.

Supreme Scoreboard - important tool for replay analysis, was not integrated because it harms performance compared to normal scoreboard which can have bad results for many FAF players with poor PCs that weren't intending to "get good" in the first place. Left as a mod to better accommodate this reality.

Banning and integrating these 3 carry their own issues and disregarding that for some weird puritanical values that don't actually impact the high level scene nor solve any actual problems is such a waste of time.

Another fun thing to imagine: you have now destroyed all icon mods people have developed and mandate everyone to play with default icons. How do you think this will impact the guys playing on like 3440x1440 resolution or higher?

If the solution to all of this is "make a settings and option page that would make Dwarf Fortress blush" then you have now entered terrible ui design territory that scares away new players even more than some spook about "cheat mods" does.


And as discussed elsewhere the “best” method we could plausibly even try to do wouldn’t even work most likely.

I’m a shitty 1k Global. Any balance or gameplay suggestions should be understood or taken as such.

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You should check out this thread over on VOGONS - There's an experimental build of dgVoodoo with Supreme Commander support, which should allow dual-head mode to work on your setup

@skyhawk Will have a look, but ui-party mod with my autohotkey script is working really well.

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Agreed, ban that stuff.

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You can't ban it. 26 posts and nobody even thinks about adding a sim solution to it: put a cooldown on the toggle. Do the same for shields.
Reduces the advantage massively.
And/or add a warm up time to mexxes, so it takes e.g. 30 seconds until they reach regular efficiency.

The shields already have that; they take a while to get the bubble up again.

@ftxcommando said in Ban EcoManager & Similar Mods:

Another fun thing to imagine: you have now destroyed all icon mods people have developed and mandate everyone to play with default icons. How do you think this will impact the guys playing on like 3440x1440 resolution or higher?

As someone playing on 2560x1600 for years; not at all.

Maybe not for you, tons of dudes above 1920x1080 resolution specifically ask for icon mods to make them larger because they can't see anything on their screen.

Well, there is still a big difference between a few modded icons and automating mass fabs...

But if adding a delay to the toggle is the route to go... I'm all for it.

Yeah, probably because a lot of people now have small screens with high resolution. Like 27" with 3840x2160 which with a pixelpitch of only 0.155 while my 30" still has 0.250

I'm waiting for a bigger 3:2 to come around without a hideous foot and with normal down-facing connections.

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