Updated Mods for FAF and Vanilla Steam

Hello @Uveso , I see you're updating old mods to work with the latest FAF. Is there any change you can update GilbotX mod pack for this? I am willing to pay! Just let me know.

hello @Grimshad

I took a look into the Gilbot-X's Mod Pack 2 version 2.05 from 11 January 2009 (released 14 Jan 2009)
(16 sub mods, 318 Lua files, 131 additional units)

The mod pack is using .scd files to replace/chang original game files and icons.
Many functions are no longer available or have changed significantly.

Sadly the mod pack is changing almost every base game file and it would take month to refactor this to the FAF game version.
I don't think the original author would manage to rewrite the mod for FAF and neither do I.

Sorry but I have to decline your request.

This is unfortunate, I loved that mod pack.

I would like to point out, currently the only error in the logs is that it can't find the icon table file. I'm sure there may be more issues after that is fixed. In addition, there is a current, updated core mod in the vault that works with FAF. It's just that none of the sub mods that mostly add 1 unit each work because of that icon loading error.

Either way, thank you for looking into it. Could you tell me where you got it online? I only have local copies. If you change your mind let me know, I am willing to pay you to fix it up.

If I can't get it updated I'll just have to play vanilla, but I can't find links to v10 and your links are also dead. Do you still have these availalbe?

@uveso said in BlackOpsFAF-Unleashed only for FAF v20:

Hello Divangel ,

no, sorry. The FAF version of the Black ops mod does not run outside of FAF.

There are many places where we patched the mod to get the latest FAF updates and changes included.
So we refactored almost every script and blueprint.

If you want to play Black ops on vanilla you need to use the old mod version:

BlackOpsACUs V10

BlackOpsUnleashed V10

BlackOpsEXUnits V4.1 (BlackOps Special Weapons)

BlackopsSupport V6.2 (Global icon support mod)

greetings, Uveso.


i used the Gilbot-X's Mod from my archive, i don't have any actual download link for it.

The Black Ops links you posted should now work again.

@uveso This worked great thanks!

Do you also have the black ops compatibility sub mod for gilbot that goes with this?


i did not find any black ops + gilbot related mods in my archive,
and all old links i had are dead.
Also a metasearch did not get any useful results.

There are only 2 archives left with old Supreme Commander mods:

Sorry, but this is all i have.

@uveso Thanks for your help. I've been working with Jip to fix gilbot for the latest FAF. So far it hasn't been very difficult. Just small little things.

@grimshad said in Updated Mods for FAF and Vanilla Steam:

@uveso Thanks for your help. I've been working with Jip to fix gilbot for the latest FAF. So far it hasn't been very difficult. Just small little things.

That would be awesome, i saw many interesting things while viewing the mod code.
Glad you found Jip. He really knows his stuff. If anyone can fix the mod, it's him.
Can't wait for the result!

@uveso I Found my way here by looking for the Battle Sector Earth mod by Burniee222 the one that gives you infantry or can you direct me to a mod that has infantry. Which one of these mods is that one and do I need to download anything else for compatabilty.
Thanks in advanced 🙂

Are the links dead? Can't seem to download them from this page.


I tested all links and they are working.

Maye your browser is set to only use https pages?
The download links are only http and could be blocked.

@uveso Yeah I managed to download them, browser was blocking them as you said haha.


Thank you for reporting back!

Since the downloads actually only serve as a backup, I never bothered about an HTTPs certificate.
Please excuse my laziness 😄

Hi there im new to FAF, I honestly downloaded it mainly due to trying out the Nomads and they are amazing however, I noticed that while doing so i had to disable all my mods that i had in order to play them. So the main reason as to why im posting here because im wondering if the conversion to FAF compared to the steam is it worth it?

I noticed your list of mods and the Blackops seems to be updated but solely on the FAF and i dont seem to see the Brewlan on there and wanted to know prior to shifting over if i do so will it be worth it or is it any different?

apologies if im explaining it terribly but im just worried on losing old files from when blackops last updated on og version

hi there,both XtremWars 1.6 and Wyvern Battle Pack v5 can;t download,pls reupload the mod

@holybeast67 said in Updated Mods for FAF and Vanilla Steam:

im wondering if the conversion to FAF compared to the steam is it worth it?

Based on what you wrote, it sounds like you would like LOUD:AI more than FAF. That provides an easy way to play against AIs in big games with lots of big super-powerful units. As I understand it, LOUD:AI even supports multiplayer so you could play with other people, like multiplayer games where you cooperate against enemy AIs.

Also: you should be able to keep mods separate for use with FAF and use not with FAF. So you should be able to try out FAF without wrecking any setups you have that already work. To be safe, you could backup your files (make copies of the relevant directories where mods are kept)

i checked the download link on the first post for XtremWars and Wyvern Battle Pack.
Both downloads are working!

Maybe your browser is set to only accept HTTPS pages? the download is on a HTTP page.

Thank you for updating the mods as the time goes by, i did however have an odd questions so i know that Both Xtreme war and the Experimental wars are not compatible with each other however why is that? I tried playing one over the other but they both seem quite rather identical aside with experimental assigning build techs to certain units. And also if they are still continued being worked on? like new additions etc?

Also does anyone know where i can find a 4th Dimension Mod which works for FAF?