lose input on disconect

Does any body else lose all control within the game for a minute or two when a player disconects during team games or is this an issue unique to me, or a known issue?

All inputs are blocked for a second after someone disconnects in order to minimize desyncs. Anything longer than that is an issue on your end.

Sometimes it takes longer than 1 second to get controls again - like ~20-40 seconds, but happens very rarely. If it happens all the time for you, then hit us with some logs.

There is also a mod that auto-pause and auto-un-pause again, but that mod is terrible. It can bug your screen out and everything is really dark, like I had gamma 0.1, at least for me.

Click the ACU select button on the right side of the screen.

This should unfreeze your UI after a disconnect if it's unresponsive for more than a second. It also generally fixes problems with the UI, like no snapping when building mass extractors or hydros.

@magge so i just played a 4v4 with what felt like quite a long time with no controls, think it happends when red or yellow disconnect at min 9- 10 #16836854

how do i send logs over the forums or do i just copy paste the whole thing here?


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