Setons Wars Tournament

OldPoet 1400

Удаляй меня, не мой уровень

@enterprice спасибо что отозвался, развивайся, если нужна помощь или совет смело спрашивай в дискорде, буду рад тебя видеть на дальнейших турнирах

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Reporting for duty. I'm a lowly 1400 right now. 😞

Who get priority if more than 32 people sign up? Higher rated or earlier sign up?

It's captain format, so it's gonna be up to them who get's to play or not.

@spikeynoob The captains will choose their players. The rest doesn't matter

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@mr_blastman sign you up?

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@pryanichek yes please

Signing up 1936

Maro 1444

WillyWankerNoob 1803

sign up BomBhard 1200

Sign up Man_on_the_Moon 1900

I have a few questions/suggestions. First since there is already 30 sign ups can we do drafts a week or so in advance so that we can practice as teams for a while? Also can exact rating be enforced for captains? For example moon is higher rated than exselsior but he is lower on the list since he rounded.

Sign up Varvara 700

'SignUp' Zigster 1379

sign up 1700 J0hn

@spikeynoob The exact ratings will definitely be used before the draw. I was surprised that we would have so many applicants. I am very happy and think that under these conditions we will have no problem do drafts one week early. Thank you for the offer.

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@pryanichek Awesome thanks!