Setons Wars Tournament


The remaining games will take place on April 10 at 17:00 UTC

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Thanks to all the players for participating in the tournament!

Congrats to Team Haachamachama for winning the tournament!

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Final Results:
1st - Team Haachamachama
2nd - Team ShadySocks
3rd - Team ZLO

Thanks to Foley, Derp and Lenkin for the broadcast. Thanks to Archsimkat and Brutus for their help in organizing the tournament. Also thanks to Mizer, Exselsior, EarlyDoors and Moonrider for their donations, this tournament wouldn't be the same without you!

Winners should contact Brutus5000#9989 for their prize money. Prize winners from Russia contact Skrat#4810

Players who won prizes have the opportunity to choose one of the possible avatars (see tournament description). Please let Skrat#4810 know your choice

Players who will receive special prizes will be announced in 1-2 days

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@pryanichek Awesome tournament, had a lot of fun! Thanks for hosting it @Pryanichek


Thank you @Pryanichek for organising this tournament, it's been great fun and a pleasure to both watch and play.


thank you for the tournament ! it was amazing


Great job @Pryanichek 🙂

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned


Thank you all for the kind words! ☺

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I am pleased to inform you that special prizes are available:

Best Comeback - Team Haachamachama in game 3 against Team ZLO

Mizer meme - player ShadySocks (for killing WillyWankerNoob in a transport by Ctrl-K Shady commander )

And finally it's time to unlock the secret prize! This is the prize for the fastest t3 eco on the rock. - It goes to player Haachamachama (timing 24.16)

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That’s actually a kinda fun and unexpected secret prize. I was guessing all kinds of random crazy stuff it could be, I like that it was something unexpected like that