Please give us map vetos

Disclaimer: I'm a bad player. I'm not 2000 rated, ZLO/Tagada/Nexus/etc. This suggestion doesn't come from a tournament perspective. Simply an average ladder point of view.

The one thing FAF is missing is map vetoing. Some of the maps available on the ladder pool are fantastic, and they're an absolute blast to play. On the other hand, some of them take 40+ minutes to finish a game, and the entire match is slooooooooooowww. (I'm looking at you, Vya-Protectorate)

These maps are so unenjoyable (of course this is subjective) to me to play, that I simply leave the game if I get the map. Say I have 2 hours to play FAF. If I queue up and get a game that's going to take half my time, I simply don't play it. This lowers my desire to play FAF at all. It's offputting.

I don't know if I'm alone, but with the goal of bringing more players into the FAF community, vetoing really should be an option.

I know there are players that really love the 1 hour+ slugfests (Gyle calls them "epics"). There are also players that prefer games to last 10-15 minutes. PLEASE allow players to veto a map or two, simply in the interest of having a good time. It would bring more players to the game, simply from an enjoyment standpoint. Want crazy long games? Cool, veto the 5x5 maps. Want fast-paced adrenaline games? Cool, veto the island maps.

Literally every other RTS that's currently played has this option, and it's beloved by the entire playerbase. Granted, I'm coming from a Grandmaster rank on Warcraft 3 w3c ladder, so I'm sure it's not a direct comparison, but not having map vetos literally makes me less interested in playing the game.

Of course, there are custom games. However, newer players like myself (and everyone I personally know that plays this game) simply wants to log in and queue.

Heavily doubt vetos are a retention tool, like 10% of FAF even plays matchmakers. A veto system would also be more complicated and likely require some point based system for selecting vetos with the several matchmakers that exist. You need to account for parties, teams up to 4v4, and people queueing solo and getting into a random 4v4 team. You also wouldn’t want to make it possible to do what you’re asking (veto all 5x5 or 20x20) because then you induce larger inaccuracy in ratings. The intended purpose would be to veto a few select maps that people really hate. But also, maps are already curated based on general preferences across rating groups so low rated players get smaller maps, high rated players get bigger maps.

I liked the option, i think it is in forza online and probably many other games where you can vote for a track/map that you would like to play next and could see what track/maps all other players online in your group also voted to play on so you could see whats coming next and can influence that outcome.

and i think why more players dont join the matchmaker is becouse they dont like the whole suprize your playing on this map now style, your just going into it completely blind and sometimes ending up on maps you dislike.
Go develop it and it will likely be implemented. No one has ever said its a bad idea to have map vetoes.

Do note though that it has gotten much more complicated since the release of the multiple matchmakers, so the old suggested implementations may not be a perfect fit anymore.

A point-based veto system resolves any issues that come with multiple matchmakers. I worked it out back when a few devs were interested in developing a veto system.