Game Minimizes Whenever I Click

I'm unsure of how else to describe this. The game launches, disappears when I'm not looking, and when I alt+tab back to it stays up until I click and then displays the window below it. Does this on Steam, too.

Only have one monitor plugged in, if that makes a difference.

Is the game set to fullscreen? windowed?


Well, go with windowed - Full-screen and alt+tab is known to be a bit buggy for Supreme Commander.

Hmm, I've always played fullscreen so i suspect thats not the issue. Check in your windows display setup, does it think you have 2 screens in use? Do you sometimes have a second screen in use? I only ask as i recently added a 2nd screen and if i'm not careful I can create strangeness that sounds like your description..

@magge I did not alt+tab

@Scout_More_Often I do sometimes have a second screen. I'm unsure as to whether windows thought I had it plugged in at the time, though the cable was not in at the time.

yes i suspect then that is the issue. i would say get into the habit of making sure the second screen is disconnected and in windows setup (right click on desktop then left click on display settings) check that it is correctly showing one screen only before running faf.
I know when i run with two screens if i click anything on the other screen then the faf screen drops to desktop so there's some confusion somewhere in your setup. Hopefully the above should fix it 🙂

After having started it with one monitor and changing it to windowed it now seems to work regardless of whether my second monitor is plugged in or not. No clue what's going on there, but at least it works!

The main thing is you're back to playing 🙂