Is tmm 4 vs 4 stable?

My experiences with team matchmaker 4 vs 4 system:

  1. With 12+ players, still no match could be made. Is it registering everybody? (15% of the time)
  2. There is a match, but the game does not launch after 2 minutes of waiting. Still seeing the green text "Match found" (35% the time).
  3. The game launches, but the loading does not commence (40% of the time).
  4. Sometimes when the loading does not commence a popup shows up that there is no response from other players after 2 mitures (10%). But this does not happening all the time.

After scenario 2 the client thinks the SUPCOM.exe is running and I don't know how to correct this. To fix I check task manager and shutdown supcom.exe if it is running. I close the FAF client. Then the following occurs:

  1. Restart client with shortcut and the client starts again (60%)
  2. FAF client just won't start. Reboot computer required. (40%)

I spend about half my total of FAF time trying to get the game running in 4 vs 4. What is going on and will it become better over time?

  1. This should be happening whenever you experience 3. After some time the server should take out the game and the client should automatically close the game. If it doesn’t then maybe should report with a client.log as in 2.

Grrr. Damn forum gobbled my post up again and I only saved the last point 😭

Gotta adopt the google-doc into pasting onto forums strat

@Askaholic You can use the plugin "typio form recovery" for your browser - Typio Form Recovery automatically saves text as you type and lets you easily recover input data.

How it looks:

@askaholic will collect the client.log files. Where do repot them to?

What I found out is that the 'no response' pop-up shows up after at least 2 minutes of inactivity. If the game takes more then one minute to load you will miss the next starting cycle. And thus wasted at least 6 minutes.

@magge It’s only an issue on mobile (safari). Never had it happen to me on desktop.

@SaltyElbow you can make a post on the forum or you can send a message in the #client-bug-reporting channel on the FAF discord. If it happens that the exe is running in the background and you have to kill it with the task manager, that would be a good thing to report I think.

I also just remembered that if you’re the host of the matchmaker game it should open almost immediately after match found, but if you’re one of the other 7 players it will wait for the host to start their game first which could take up to 1 minute before it will time out.