Could not load fxml view for theme/chat/channel_tab.fxml

Hello, i just updated to the newest version and when I launched the client this error pops up next to the bell icon with an orange dot. I am unable to view anything in the play tab at all. does anyone know what i can do to fix this? I have reinstalled it twice now, thank you for any help that is provided.

Message states: Could not load fxml view for theme/chat/channel_tab.fxml

Can you post your client.log file here? To get to it in the client settings click on show logs folder


just copy the entire log right?

You should be able to just post the file here

it says my client file is too large to post. i might be trying to send the wrong one. my apologies, this is the first time doing this

No worries it might be too big in which case you can use something like paste in and post a link here. The file should be the client.log file

This post is deleted!

edit: Looks like my PC was infected with a virus, when I extracted something. Every .zip or .rar file in my download folder was infected.

Weird that it was only triggered from that .zip file above before Defender cleaned the other files after that.

However, never open any .zip file from random internet guys

This is the error

edit2: You have removed faf completely and installed it again, already - right Use Revo Uninstaller to get rid of leftover files.

that is correct, i uninstalled and reinstalled everything

the virus was weird, i scanned the folder before i posted it and it was clean.. I'm sorry if it caused you any trouble

@SexyNemo Don't worry, it was probably on my end - .zip files are just very suspicious.

Which OS?

Windows 10

To be honest, I have no idea what it can cause. Google tells me different approaches, but I assume you already checked those.

The next step would be to ask the developer(s) itself:

You can create there a 'new issue' and I am sure you will receive a far more technically help.

@magge I'll try that tomorrow. I greatly appreciate the the help, thank you for time

@SexyNemo It looks like some of the installed jars are missing. Although normally this stops the client from starting at all. You can try removing all the install folders of the client and reinstalling and making sure no anti virus is removing files.