What is the "attack move" exactly


My question is pretty basic but I never understood what is the attack move option in the game (I have heard it is used on engineers).

When I control my units, I either ask them to move or to patrol (in order to make them go from point A to point B). What does that mean to "attack move"? Is it only accessible through hotkey?

Thanks a lot.

Attack move sends the units toward wherever you click. If they meet an enemy they will stop moving and start firing. If they kill their enemy or the enemy withdraws then your unit will recommence moving towards wherever you originally sent them.
With engineers, they attack resources that can be reclaimed, so basically trees and rocks.

  • When you make an attack move from the fab, the reclaim radius from an eng is like 3-4 times higher than the 'default' one


  • The attack move from engs also reclaiming enemies stuff if they encounter it, unless it is a wall. Walls are "blocking" the eng, because he can't reclaim it.

@scout_more_often Thanks but which icon does this attack move? There are either the "move" or "patrol" that can make unit move.

For a unit:


You must bind it for a fab. I think default is 'alt' key

@zokora alt text
Do you have this icon ok for your units?

Or, if you are referring to the factory reclaim, then left click on factory to select it, then press and hold the ALT key and click on map. It's a known bug in the game that engineers coming out of the factory onto an attack move have a vastly increased radius they can reclaim from.

Probably not even playing the FAF version of the game like half the people that post on the forum.

Are you playing with the version from FaF @Scout_More_Often, or the worse steam version?

Yes, this is the icon for the units.
It is not a bug that the engineers have a bigger reclaim radius when the fab has an attack move. At least not in FaF.

@zokora Good lord i only play the FAF version, why would anyone play the steam version? I'm assuming the steam version hasn't changed since the game was released..?

@zokora said in

It is not a bug that the engineers have a bigger reclaim radius when the fab has an attack move. At least not in FaF.

Chris Taylor confirmed it was a bug, not an intentional design. This was covered in a great video interview, it's one of these (not sure which)