2v2 SCTA Heritage Tournament

Zlo 2002
Neytron 1542

Please :3

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explosive 1700
bananaWhale 1700



One week till the tournament remains. Also Postal of TAU will be streaming replays of the event and our own Gyle, is willing to cast any interesting replays of the event.

Team: Myself and Sheikah (1700 + 1500)

Where is the mod in the faf client? I go to vault and click on mods. But all i can find is fixes, and ai fixes..?

SCTAFix and SCTABalance. If you look up SCTA you should see them

Team: Emperor_Penguin (1745) and Cascade (1743) (total: 3488)

pfp credit to gieb

Gingerbreadman (1519) & FOdin (1987) pls

Finalized version mod for tournament be up in a few minutes just doing last quality control checks.

And finalized version is now up

This post is deleted!

21 hours remain for sign ups

So given finalized quality control tests to make sure things aren't broke or horrendously weak or UP, Freedom Fighter and Vengeance are both given slight buffs

So for tournament tomorrow:
The plan will be as mentioned double elimination, and the games be played as best of three. With Map Generator rerolled for each game.


The brackets subject to change depending on final sign ups. Good Luck Commanders!

If we however get less than 8 teams we will be doing round robins instead with top 4 advancing. Doing best of 3 for semi-final and final tournaments.

Signs up are now closed

Is there a channel to join?

Everyone join /join #SCTATourney

The Tournament be round robin due to only 6 teams with the round robin games being played on the following maps:
Map Generator Map
Vya-3 Protectorate
Phenom Spartiate
Open Palmes
Twin Rivers

Then the Semi Finals played on the 3v3 Pyramid
For 3&4 Place/Losers Bracket will play on Painted Desert
For the finals it will be played on Adaptive Acid Lakes as discussed above.